From WHAT to WHY

The Breadcrumb Trail from WHAT to WHY

Contemporary mock trials and DIY focus groups do a great job of helping you hear what you want to hear but not what you NEED to hear. And you‘ll hear it before you define your argument, long before you head to mediation or the courtroom.

The Hearsay Method will help you learn about the foundation of what you Will frame your argument around: THE FACTS.

In the course of just a few hours, you Will walk away with what people-your prospective jurors-will focus on. This is the Voice of the Jury, the topics and issues and hang ups that are discussed in a jury room.

In most cases, Focusing on the Facts — the WHATs of your case — helps to discover themes and threads that become the WHYs jurors use to rationalize their opinions, opinions that later become verdicts. And WHY matters.

The information culled from Hearsay’s Voice of the Jury, can help you discover your WHYs — to help you contour your argument to what jurors want to hear so they can deliver a verdict favorable to your client.

Hearsay. Know Now.

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